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October 27th, 2006 Category: Art / Drawings | No Comments

Here is yet another animation dredged up from an old backup. Not unlike “The Chair“, this animation was created for one of my high-school animation classes, but instead of being 3D rendered on the computer, it’s all stop-motion. Woo!

October 23rd, 2006 Category: Personal | 3 Comments

You may notice the website has now got a seasonal new look. Happy Halloween!

I’ve been very busy with work and various other projects, so I haven’t had much time to update my website as of late.
For my readers who happen to be interested in Python (and/or game development) I have posted a cool new snake game here on my website, so go take a look. Though not nearly as exciting, I have also added a small utility for creating/merging spritesheets as well.

The title of this post translated into kitten language is ‘meow meow meow’.


  • It’s statistically proven that people who visit my webpage also like pictures of kittens, so here you go.
  • My friend Dave has a blog! Check it out! He is also going to be a groomsman at my wedding.
  • I should also point out that The Search For The Red Herring now has its own SourceForge page! Yay!
  • A cool new fun game from Google: Image Labeler. You team up with some random person to see if your image metatag guesses match up. Cool idea by Google to metatag their images essentially for free. And it’s fun, too!
October 13th, 2006 Category: Art / Drawings | No Comments

This is a short animation made for my highschool animation class several years ago. It probably predates anything else that I’ve got here on my website.
It was a lot of fun to do, and was one of the first times I used Character Studio for 3D Studio MAX. Good times.

September 24th, 2006 Category: Game Dev | 3 Comments

The judging phase of Pyweek is over.

I’m happy to report that my team (ThreeLittlePygs) ended up in a 4-way tie for 4th place in overall average ratings (score of 3.4 / 5.0), as well as 4th place in Production values (score of 4.0 / 5.0)
Our game is called ‘Search for the Red Herring‘, so take a look if you’re curious.

I’m very happy with the results, and quite honestly wasn’t expecting to do so well. 😀 😀 It was great fun, and I encourage anyone interested in the rapid creation of games in a fun environment to participate in the next Pyweek!

Oh! I almost forgot… I now have all of the interesting art assets from the game available here on my website, so go take a look.

Cool Link of the Day:

  • Line Rider! Draw lines and then a little guy on a sled will ride on them. Cool fun wow!
September 19th, 2006 Category: Art / Drawings | No Comments

Way2Far.ca Logo Idea #1Way2Far.ca Logo Idea #2

Ryan Noble, a friend of mine, asked me to create a logo for his mission to beat a world record! This is the result.

I collaborated with the great Jeff Powers on this one. Vector art is fun!

EDIT: Just as an update, I figured I’d mention here that way2far.ca has changed their name. They are now A Noble Quest. Though that I do agree that the new name better reflects their venture, it consequently means that the logos that Jeff and I worked on are no longer of use. *sad panda face* Regardless of whether my logo is used or not, I applaud their efforts and wish them luck in their quest! 😀