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December 20th, 2008 Category: Art / Drawings | 4 Comments

This is a fun little animation I made for Subvision. I hand-pixelled the whole thing, played guitar for the background music, and my lovely wife supplied the meowy sounds. Enjoy!

For those wondering, SUBvision is a student-run “TV Channel” for the University of Alberta, featuring locally produced content.
It’s just getting off the ground now, I think, so if you’re a university student, you probably haven’t seen it yet.

December 3rd, 2008 Category: Game Dev Personal | 1 Comment

A good interweb friend, DrPetter, has introduced me to the wonderful world of Actionscript, which is the scripting language used by Flash.

I’ve already jumped in head-first, porting two popular Ludum Dare games to Flash, Towlr and Babby of Towlr. On a related note, it would appear that the Towlr craze is growing! Check out the Official Towlr Website for more information and games!

You might have noticed that I changed and customized my WordPress theme to something a little less dark. I think it’s pretty nice, and I might do some more customizations later. Woo!

Oh, almost forgot. About a month ago I updated my merge.py script so it actually works now (a new release of pygame broke the previous version of the script) and supports vertically merging images. A handy tool, indeed!

July 7th, 2008 Category: Game Dev Personal | 5 Comments

Click to make the image bigger (and much more readable)
Hooray! See my last post for more information about this. It’s from Linux Format Magazine, issue 108. Huge thanks to Mike Saunders for this scan.

\"Pillows\" blurb in Linux Format, Issue 108

July 5th, 2008 Category: Game Dev Personal | No Comments

UPDATE: I got a scan of it!

Wow! Big news!
According to a friend of mine in the UK, the open-source game I created, Pillows, has a short write-up in Linux Format Magazine! It’s in the latest issue, #108!
If I can get ahold of a scan of it, I’ll post it, but here is a excerpt of it:

Finally we have Pillows, a deceptively simple yet hugely addictive game which doesn’t really fit into any regular genre. Here’s the plot; an unknown aggressor is firing huge missiles at the Earth. Using a giant catapult and “ridiculously overstuffed” pillows, your job is to cushion the blow of those missiles protecting the world from impending doom. All you need is the space bar: watch the indicator in the top left, hit space when you’ve chosen the right angle, and hold down space until the correct power is set. You’ll fire a pillow into the air, and if it lands in the path of the missile the world is saved (and you go onto the next level!).

Very awesome! Thanks a bunch, Linux Format Magazine! Apparently a copy of the game is included on the DVD that comes with the magazine, too!
Also, if you haven’t already, you can check out the game right here.

June 11th, 2008 Category: Art / Drawings Personal | 6 Comments


(Click on the image for a closer look)