This is a fun little animation I made for Subvision. I hand-pixelled the whole thing, played guitar for the background music, and my lovely wife supplied the meowy sounds. Enjoy!

For those wondering, SUBvision is a student-run “TV Channel” for the University of Alberta, featuring locally produced content.
It’s just getting off the ground now, I think, so if you’re a university student, you probably haven’t seen it yet.

4 responses to “A bumper for Subvision”

  1. Alison Wii Fit in Stock says:

    That video is great! I had some fun with a few editing programs, for pictures and video, but mostly trial versions because I couldn’t decide on which to buy. However, you seem to know your way around the program you used. It is great that you managed to sign and do everything that you needed for the animation without any other help.

  2. fydo says:

    Thanks for the comment, Alison Wii Fit in Stock! I’m happy you enjoyed the video. 🙂

  3. Ashla says:

    Did you did the VO for that? It’s awesome!!!!

  4. fydo says:

    Haha, glad you liked it, Ashla.
    It was actually my wife who supplied the kitty sounds. Meow meow!

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