Scions of Darkness — ScreenshotThe Pyweek team I joined this time around, Hole in the Head Studios, received a 16th place standing overall in the Teams category. See the final results here. Looking on the bright side, our teams highest score was in the production category, and we ended up with the 9th highest production score in the Teams category. Not nearly as good as I’ve done in the past, but certainly better than nothing.

In my opinion, the reason we received mostly low scores was because our team’s idea was overly ambitious for only a week of development time. They wanted a full-fledged isometric Real-Time Strategy game, with nearly a dozen races to choose from. In the end, our submitted entry was minimally playable, and players didn’t get to see many of the other races available. It wasn’t from lack of trying, though! The lead programmer in our team actually was sick on the last day from staying awake for too long. Yikes!

Frostlen CaptainAfter taking the first couple days of Pyweek off to get married, I spent the remaining days working solely on unit graphics for the different races. All in all, I completed 4 races for the game, plus a few extras. On the left you can see one of my favorite units, the “Frostlen Captain”, in action!
You can download the game and take a look at the resources to see them all if you’re really curious. I’m looking into making a nice page for them and releasing them under a free license for everyone to use.

EDIT: I also want to add a quick message to everyone: If you haven’t yet tried Disk Field, go do it! It’s super fun and totally fulfills the theme, too! The game totally deserves the first place it received!

3 responses to “Pyweek 5 Results”

  1. RB[0] says:

    Thanks for your help again fydo, the art you made really looked nice 🙂

    Sorry the game wasn’t finished enough to use all the art :/ I was really hoping to get your babies in there 😉

    PS: I actually didn’t get sick the last day, it is just that exhaustion exacerbated it :/ I was already sick most of the compo :/

    PPS: Another oops on my part, I thought that was a Frostlen captain, and the other one was the elder 😛

  2. fydo says:

    Haha, oops. Actually I just got them mixed up. I’ve fixed it in the post.

    Thanks for your hard work during Pyweek!

  3. John says:

    Thanks for all the art, shame we didn’t have time.

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