I recently added buggyGame to the pygame.org game registry. It has received the following comments:

“Funny game! Good art.. And the music is superb. Did you make it yourself?” – Jasper Stolte

“HAHA! That was great! … AWESOME. That is what Pygaming is all about!” – Kurt Dekker

“Ahahaha! This is a blast… I’m still playing it an hour later… Oh noes!” – Shaun Cordingley

It appears that people are enjoying the game! Hooray! Perhaps this will motivate me to make more levels for it. 😉

Also, if you haven’t yet tried it, you can download the game right here!

One response to “some buggyGame comments”

  1. Talat says:

    Yeah it was fun. I changed the gravity though and made it a little lighter 😉

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