Since my last blog entry, I’ve released a very small update to pillows, mainly just bug fixes and making things a little nicer for linux users.

My friend (and best man!) Jeff Powers recently started a new webcomic called GeoGuys. It’s a funny little comic about three friends who are “nerds at heart”. I think it’s pretty good, so you should go look at it.

In addition, another friend, Dave Butt (a groomsman at my wedding!) also started a new blog, called d:\blog.exe. To be honest, I don’t really know what’s wrong with his old blog, but I won’t ask the hard questions. He recently became engaged (exciting!) and has asked me to be the Master of Ceremonies at his wedding reception (also exciting!). So congratulations to Dave and Ashley! 😀

Oh also, if you’re into game development competitions, the “Ludum Dare X” competition is starting soon! Dec. 7-14th for Registration and Theme Voting, and Dec. 14-16th at 7pm PST is the competition. Of course, see the Ludum Dare website for more information. For what it’s worth, I’m hoping to take part in the competition (if time permits)

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