UPDATE: I got a scan of it!

Wow! Big news!
According to a friend of mine in the UK, the open-source game I created, Pillows, has a short write-up in Linux Format Magazine! It’s in the latest issue, #108!
If I can get ahold of a scan of it, I’ll post it, but here is a excerpt of it:

Finally we have Pillows, a deceptively simple yet hugely addictive game which doesn’t really fit into any regular genre. Here’s the plot; an unknown aggressor is firing huge missiles at the Earth. Using a giant catapult and “ridiculously overstuffed” pillows, your job is to cushion the blow of those missiles protecting the world from impending doom. All you need is the space bar: watch the indicator in the top left, hit space when you’ve chosen the right angle, and hold down space until the correct power is set. You’ll fire a pillow into the air, and if it lands in the path of the missile the world is saved (and you go onto the next level!).

Very awesome! Thanks a bunch, Linux Format Magazine! Apparently a copy of the game is included on the DVD that comes with the magazine, too!
Also, if you haven’t already, you can check out the game right here.

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