Originally created as an entry to a Ludum Dare warm-up (LD8.5), buggyGame is an exciting side-scrolling game of exploration and survival, with an only slightly repetitive soundtrack! Features 3 riveting levels!


buggyGame Screenshot #1 buggyGame Screenshot #2 buggyGame Screenshot #3 buggyGame Screenshot #4


You’re an astronaut that is about to go the moon on a mission, but your moon buggy’s navigational computer has bluescreened! You must manually guide the buggy to the launchpad and touch the rocket to get to the moon, then explore the surface of the moon. Also keep in mind that your moon buggy is very fragile, so don’t run into anything!


If you’re using the Win32 version, all you need is Windows! If you’re not using the Win32 version (Mac OSX or Linux), you will need to install these before running the game:


Version 0.3 (March 28th, 2007)


All game code is licensed under the GPL 2.0.
All game content, music and graphics are licensed under Free Art License.

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  1. Ubuntugame says:

    Hi, i do a review of your game pillow on my blog.
    I want to know if you will make a package .deb of buggygame for ubuntu?

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