Created as an entry to the Ludum Dare 17 competition (theme was “Islands”), this fun puzzler is a unique twist on the ol’ falling blocks game. Basically, you must satisfy the following two goals:

  • Clear the required number of lines (see the upper right hand corner of the screen to see how many are left!)
  • Bring your beloved villager to safe ground, marked by the dotted line. So long as the villager is above that line, you’re good.
  • How to Play

    Run the game, then use the arrow keys and the Z key!

    The Z key will select menu items, rotate pieces of island, and allow you to go to the next level when you win!


    pillows Screenshot #1 pillows Screenshot #2 pillows Screenshot #3

    Press / Media

    Island Rescue received a favorable review from Bytejacker.


    Version 0.0.2 (April 26th, 2010)

One response to “Island Rescue”

  1. Ken says:

    Awesome sauce game! Some controls tweaking and some tad better AI and it would be even more addicting! 🙂 Good job fydo.

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