This page contains the art assets that I created within a week for the Pyweek September 2006 competition. They are for the entry called ‘Search for the Red Herring’. The project’s home currently resides here on Sourceforge, but you can also see the pyweek team page here as well.


Herring Sub - Herring AssetsAll of the units in the game have been rendered out in 16 directions to allow for extra smooth rotation. See the herring sub sprite sheet to the right for a preview of what the sprite sheets all look like.
The unique effect of most of the units being partially submerged in water is achieved through a 2-pass render (one with a lowered alpha setting).
I’ve also included some water tiles with 3 different depth levels, as well as transition tiles between the different depths.

Below is a preview of almost all the units and graphics available!


I’m releasing all of these graphics to the general public under the Free Art License. See the end of this page for a download link!


Top of herring assets page
Submarines - Herring AssetsFishies - Herring Assets
Missiles - Herring AssetsCreatures - Herring Assets
Foliage & Misc - Herring AssetsExplode - Herring Assets
Footer - Herring Assets


2 responses to “‘Search for the Red Herring’ Assets”

  1. megs says:

    So THIS is the comment thingy!!
    yay I found it.
    so. Commenting.
    First of all. The new animations and graphics are wicked cool. And honestly? I LOVE the pirhana!! It licks things!!

    Awesome stuffs!

  2. Refraction says:

    Hey man, love your artwork, i just wish i could do that stuff! i might try out the game sometime if i get highly bored, will have to try your version of snake tho, the graphics totally pwn halflife 2 and oblivion 😀

    Ref – Your friendly PCSX2 dev

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