My first publicly released python game! As with all of my python stuff, I have released this under the GPL. If you have any bug reports, suggestions, or patches, then please contact me. Enjoy!
Also: Try to beat my personal high score of 10200!


snakegame screenshot #1snakegame screenshot #2

Game Information

This is a clone of the ever-popular, super duper famous game in which you are a snake that likes to eat things. However, you like to eat things so much that you end up eating whatever is right in front of you. As such, you’ll be in trouble if you’ve got a wall in front of you, or worse, your own snakey body. Since you’re so poisonous, you’ll die instantly if you bite yourself.
However, if you manage to position yourself in front of something that is edible, you will eat it. And you will get points for it. And everything will be right in the world. In this game, everyone wins. Until you lose.

Controls are fairly straightforward. Use your arrow keys to direct your snake, and the Escape key to exit.



Version 0.9 (Jan 24, 2007) –

  • Real graphics! Wow!
  • Use -f switch for fullscreen mode
  • Efficiency isn’t displayed as a percentage anymore
  • Slight speed up on the snake movement (more exciting!)

Version 0.8 (Oct 23, 2006) –

  • Fixed timing issues
  • Fruit no longer spawns ‘under’ snake

Version 0.7 (Oct 19, 2006) –

  • Initial Release

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